The Forest Spirit, god of life and death

The Forest Spirit, god of life and death

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because she loves you both very much.

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maythegrohlbewithus said: I added you on my 3DS, here's my friend code in case you wanted to add me back ^_^ 5300 - 9839 - 5584 the name is Anaïs

Added you :) ^^

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tigersthrone said: hey i added your fc (: mines 0361-7551-5129 names sasha ^^

Added you back :D!!!

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inspired by x

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australprince said: Hi! My friend code is 4313-2093-2719, I've just started my town on acnl, and my friend safari on Pokémon Y is flying :3

Cool I will add you now :) I will open my gate if you want any help ^^ just let me know!

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My gate is open :)

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Got a bounty? You can carry up to three, but be careful - monster will try to free your bounty, hurry back to the guild hall and hand them in to the man on the right - The bounty clerk, for your rewards!

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